Gpen Micro & Cloud Vaporizer Review

Grencoo Science the makers of G-Pen and Gtank just came out with a new item called GPen Micro.  Its very small and portable and works great when you must medicate discreetly. About a month ago I came across the Cloud Pen Vaporizor. It is probably the smallest pen style vaporizer on the market today. I have 2 of them and they come in many colors Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Silver. This portable Cloud Vaporizer pen is a 3 piece pen with the center being the main burning cartridge that has the heating element. Pack a small pellet or bee-bee sized and your good to go. Battery last a long time. The Center cartridge is replaceable . Many people tend to damage it when packing or cleaning in with a dab pen. Today I purchased a new G-Pen Micro. It comes with 2 in a box. Thats The only way I could purchase it. I could not get an individual one. The Gpen-Micro & The Cloud Vaporizers are exactly the same. same cartridge, battery, mouthpeice and charger. Someone pretty much got ripped off. Check out my video for a quick review.

G-Pen Vaporizer

G Pen Vaporizer

The G Pen Vaporizer has been said to be the future of smoking products. It’s discrete, odorless smoke allows any smoker to be able to medicate themselves anywhere and everywhere. The G Pen is meant for wax and oil smoking only, it has a self heating battery that heats the wax or oil within 20 seconds or less, allowing the smoker to get a hit with very little wait. The G Pen also provides a similar high you get with conventional weed smoking minus the major coughing.

The G Pen has been revolutionizing the game with easy to use tools; self-explanatory assembly and mobility all make it ahead of its time. Yes there are other vaporizers, but none as scientifically advanced as the G Pen. It’s the undercover potheads dream tool.


How the G Pen Works

The G Pen comes pre assembled and pre charged so that you may begin to use it upon opening. The way to use it is you unscrew the center and fill it with your choice ingredient. Then seal it back up, place the mouth onmouth piece, hit the center button and when the blue light comes on at the bottom it means the wax/oil is beginning to heat. Wait a few seconds and take your rip.


How long does the Wax Last

If you coat the wicks inside the G Pen well enough and saturated enough than the G Pen can last for about an hours worth of hits. As long as the cartridge is full and the dabber is heated just right there should be no problem getting some sizeable smoke clouds.

G-Pen Vaporizer – Deals And Reviews

A must have for all alternative-medicine patients seeking an alternative and discreet way to medicate. The G-Pen is a premium lithium ion battery specifically engineered for use with the G-Tank. The G-Tank is engineered to vaporize essential oils, and make every dose go a bit further. There have been users who average over 100 doses off a gram of medicine. All Grenco™ electronics are backed by a 1 year warranty, and will be essential to all upcoming Grenco™ products.

G Pen Vaporizer : The Science Behind The Game Changer

According to esteemed herbalists and customers,  the G Pen Vaporizer is the most advanced vaporizer in the business and has been dubbed as the “game changer.” The purpose behind the G Pen Vaporizer is to make you aromatherapy practice more discreet, more convenient and personal. The rechargeable lithium ion battery was designed to work with the G Box and G Tank. Another amazing feature that the G Pen offers is its easy to use packaging. Comes with a charged battery, an empty tank that is user-friendly enough for anyone to understand.

G Pen Vaporizer Health Benefits

The G Tank was originally designed to vaporize the essential oils. This is comforting to those “alternative-medicine” users who want to keep their use under wraps. The G Pen is intended to improve your quality of life. Taking weight, density and consistency into consideration this tank system is meant to vaporize your ingredients, not causing combustion. “Vaporization” is becoming extremely popular because of its health benefits of being able to eliminate all of the harmful toxins that are present in smoke from heating the ingredients below the point of combustion. This also provides the maximum effect of the ingredients through a smooth cool vapor.

How To Use The G Pen Vaporizer

The G Pen is an extremely discreet, extremely easy to use tool to medicate in any place at any time. The black permanent marker shape gives is a sleek look. There is a metal button located at the center of the Pen that heats up the ingredients located in the G tank. There is a blue light that will light up on the bottom to let you know that it is on and working. If the light does not turn on when pushing the button than the battery must be recharged. At home or on the go, no one will be bothered by any harsh smells or bad toxins in the air. The battery last for hours and the G Pen itself is made from high quality products that will last a long time.The G Pen is most definitely the game changer in the vaporizer business along and the evolution. This is the future of the business and the G Pen is leading the forefront of vaporizer technology, accessibility, privacy and innovation. Providing top quality products for top quality ingredients and allowing sophistication to those who have craved such.