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Gpen Micro & Cloud Vaporizer Review

Grencoo Science the makers of G-Pen and Gtank just came out with a new item called GPen Micro.  Its very small and portable and works great when you must medicate discreetly. About a month ago I came across the Cloud Pen Vaporizor. It is probably the smallest pen style vaporizer on the market today. I have 2 of them and they come in many colors Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Silver. This portable Cloud Vaporizer pen is a 3 piece pen with the center being the main burning cartridge that has the heating element. Pack a small pellet or bee-bee sized and your good to go. Battery last a long time. The Center cartridge is replaceable . Many people tend to damage it when packing or cleaning in with a dab pen. Today I purchased a new G-Pen Micro. It comes with 2 in a box. Thats The only way I could purchase it. I could not get an individual one. The Gpen-Micro & The Cloud Vaporizers are exactly the same. same cartridge, battery, mouthpeice and charger. Someone pretty much got ripped off. Check out my video for a quick review.

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